Answering This Week’s Score Card Questions 5/19/11

Every week, Columbus Alive asks the staffers at 97.1 The Fan a series of questions. Here are my answers:

The Blue Jackets lost $25 million last season. How would you turn things around?

I think some (just some, mind you) in the Jackets organization blame the media, the fans, or bad luck for their problems; so I’d make sure to instill a sense of accountability.

When do you start paying attention to baseball?

The Reds: all year round. The Indians: from spring training on. The rest of baseball: whenever there’s a compelling storyline or the NBA playoffs are over.

Chad Ochocinco rode a bull for charity. You’d like to see ____________ on a ____________ for charity.

Blue Jackets tough guy RJ Umberger on an episode of “The View.” I’d love to see Joy Behar ask RJ to get in touch with his feminine side.

Who is your celebrity doppelganger?

Carmen Sandiego

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