Some Quick CBJ Updates…and Some Dancing

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Columbus has given the Wild permission to interview former Blue Jackets coach Ken Hitchcock. Meanwhile, the Red Wings admit they have an interest in former Blue Jackets assistant Bob Boughner.

A representative from Standard Parking tells me their surface lots next to Nationwide Arena could be the site of some construction “in 2 years.” That will undoubtedly affect the traffic patterns leading into the area, but it wouldn’t impact the Jackets as much as what Dispatch reporter Aaron Portzline is hearing. That’s because it sounds increasingly like the NHL will hold off on realignment for the time being. The league doesn’t want to make any major adjustments when it’s still possible that the Coyotes will relocate after the 2011-2012 season, you see.

If the NHL does decide on an Extreme Makeover: Conference Edition, however, the buzz continues to be that the Blue Jackets will move East.

There would be a lot of Blue Jackets fans dancing in the streets if that happened. Maybe not literally, of course. Not, in other words, like the folks in this video.

Yup, if there’s anything better than a flash mob, it’s a flash mob for a good cause with an OSU flavor.

Brutus, next time you’re dancing in the street, I’m available, ok?

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