BIO(2)I was born 1.3 miles from Blue Jackets center ice, 1.8 miles from Clippers home plate, and 4.8 miles from the Ohio State end zone.

So I’ve been a sports fan pretty much my entire life, but it wasn’t exactly a conventional beginning.

Unlike most sports fans, my first rooting interest wasn’t an athlete, or team. It was one of the guys wearing stripes.

My Mom used to take me to watch my Dad when he officiated high school basketball games, and I would cheer at every whistle. (People look at you funny when you do that, you know?)

I started playing soccer in second grade, volunteering to play goalie because I had no idea what a goalie was…and had no clue I’d only grow to be 5’3″.

Before graduating high school, I would also play softball and basketball.

High school is also where I started as a sports reporter. I was the co-editor for the high school news magazine; the sports anchor for the weekly half-hour television news program, WPIC; and the voice of Tiger Sports for the televised morning announcements.

At Ohio University, I continued to study sports journalism, and continued to play soccer…despite being a 5’3″ goalie.

(Yup, that’s me!)

Now I can score a baseball game, ice skate backward, file a Freedom of Information Act request, and–should the need arise–improvise a microphone out of a pair of headphones.

And, of course, I officiate basketball.

I have been licensed to referee football, too. It’s just all part of a quest to do a seriously good job covering sports, while having a lot of fun in the process.

I’ve covered Columbus sports on the radio for over a decade. Every minute has been a blessing, and I thank you for joining me on this ride.

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