Buckeye Coverage with an Assist from the Assistants

Two of OSU’s assistant coaches met with the media Wednesday night. Here are the high points…


  • Heacock didn’t like today’s practice, but cautioned we shouldn’t read too much into that. He pointed out that he has high expectations and that can make him a little bit of a grouch. (His choice of words, not mine.)
  • If Heacock is grumpy, it may be because he’s replacing seven players who he said made up the very best leadership group he’s worked with since at least 1996, and maybe ever.
  • As you can imagine, with the Scarlet and Gray replacing seven players, they will rely heavily on their youth. Heacock says this is one of the best classes of freshman he’s ever coached.
  • He said the Buckeyes have yet to decisions about which players they’ll try to redshirt. He specifically named Curtis Grant and Steve Miller as players they might hold out or might use on special teams. They just don’t know yet.


  • Siciliano says the Buckeyes do not have a plan for who they want to play when on Saturday. They don’t want to have their “hand forced,” instead preferring to let the flow of the game dictate which quarterback is under center.
  • Along those lines, Siciliano says Ohio State has yet to decide if they want to focus on getting Joe Bauserman and Braxton Miller playing time this week or if they’ll try to work Ken Guiton and Taylor Graham into the game as well.
  • The quarterbacks coach is moving up to the press box this year. That will allow Doc Tressel to head down to the sidelines and take a more active role working with the Buckeye special teams. Siciliano’s take on that? He’ll have to learn to be less of a pacer.
  • Finally, Siciliano says he has spoken to Terrelle Pryor since TP joined the Raiders. “He’s fine,” informed us, but then very politely declined to elaborate.

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