Terrelle Pryor Is “Homeless”

Former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor has a new team, having signed a one-year deal with the Kansas City Chiefs, and he’s settled in by visiting the local veterans and children’s hospitals.

That hasn’t earned him any goodwill with at least one of the locals, though…

So for all the recent talk about how great the Duke/North Carolina basketball rivalry is (and last night’s game was fantastic), today score one for Ohio State/Michigan.

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Pryor Regrets

Terrelle Pryor spoke to 710 ESPN Seattle today and was asked about the Ed O’Bannon ruling.

Although he made it clear that he didn’t know the details of the most recent legal decision, Pryor did say that he feels college football players could–and should–be better compensated for their commitment.

“When I was at Ohio State, all you would see if you were at the game, was a red sea; and you would see a lot of number 2’s,” he told Mike Salk and Brock Huard. “Now their argument would be that could be for Michael Jenkins [or whoever else] was number 2. It’s hard for me to believe that when people are screaming your name [as you’re] coming off the field. You’re meeting little kids. Was your kid that same size a couple years ago?”

Pryor added that he knows of players who went to school, were steered into easy courses, and didn’t end up with the education they needed, especially if injuries cut their playing career short.

And he also said that when he broke NCAA rules, it was to provide for his mother. “I’ll never regret that. The only thing I regret from that is hurting* fans, teammates and coaches.”

While he may not like the NCAA rules on amateurism, he does like playing for Seahawks coach Pete Carroll.

Eventually, though, he may want to head somewhere he can have a bigger role. “I will start in this league, and I will be a big-time player,” he promised. “Somebody who loves the game so much, and loves the quarterback position so much and respects it so much and watches so much film? I think you’re going to get your chance, and you’re going to have your time to succeed.”

If he does succeed, that will be something he has in common with his famous first cousin: Ken Griffey, Jr. Due to a rift in the family, he’s never met Griffey, but Pryor did say that growing up, he rooted for the Mariners as a result of Griffey playing there.

You can hear the entire interview here

*Although some transcriptions have Pryor saying he regretted hurting “certain fans,” he didn’t actually offer this qualifier. He stumbled when speaking, and thus said “hurtin” twice.

Johnny Manziel Isn’t the Only Reason Ohio Is The Center of the Football World

How impressive was Carlos Hyde in his 49er’s debut last night? So impressive that after the 23-3 loss to the Ravens, quarterback Colin Kapernick started out his press conference by discussing the tailback.

“Carlos Hyde looked really good” Kapernick said. “Ran explosively, made good decisions, had the speed to hit the edge and creased some things inside. ”

Hyde had 5 carries for 39 yards, and admitted he spent a sleepless night before seeing his first NFL action. He also admitted that, at one point, he almost gave up on his dream of playing football professionally.

“There was a time in my life when I didn’t think football was the route anymore for me. But I had an opportunity to move to Florida and start my life over, and now I’m here,” Hyde told NFL Media’s Aditi Kinkhabwala.

Speaking of former Buckeye running backs, Boom Herron appeared to be the target of an accusation made by a former Colts teammate. Chris Rainey’s now deleted tweets implied that Herron was part of some hotel hijinks involving a fire extinguisher.

On the field, Herron had 7 carries for 26 yards in a 13-10 loss to the Jets. He also caught 6 passes, including a 12-yard touchdown grab.

Some impressive numbers for Terrelle Pryor, resulting in NFL.com observing that, “He had an overall positive day that should help him stick on the 53-man roster. You expect to see Pryor make plays with his legs — which he did — but the quarterback also looked comfortable in the pocket, completing several throws into tight spaces.”

Not that Pryor was flawless. While he was 9/16 for 137 yards, he also had a late interception that stalled the Seahawks’ comeback attempt in a 21-16 loss to the Broncos.

That would not be Pryor’s only gift to Denver. Defensive back Bradley Roby said after the contest, Pryor gave him a pair of his shoes.

And finally, an interesting note regarding another quarterback with Ohio ties. Bengals coach Marvin Lewis relays an anecdote regarding his signal caller Andy Dalton in yet another piece from NFL.com.

Apparently, as they were analyzing Dalton as a prospective draft pick, they sent him a mini playbook to memorize. When asked him to dissect to one of the plays, Dalton got only part of the way through before apologizing and noting that there was something about the play that didn’t make sense to him.

It turns out that he had such a grasp on the offense which had been presented to him, he’d picked up on a typo.

Pryor to the Draft

UPDATE: Pryor checked in 6’5″, 232 pounds. He ran a 4.38, 40-yard dash, had a 10’4″ broad jump and a 31″ vertical. However, he completed just 27 of 39 passes, with the NFL Network saying four of the incompletions were the result of drops by the wide receiver.

In the end, though, that might be enough to get someone to take a chance on him. One member of NFL personnel who’d previously dismissed Pryor told CBS, “His speed is changing my mind.”

Seventeen teams were at Pryor’s Pro Day today (including the Browns and Bengals). Also present was former OSU coach Jim Tressel.

And Pryor’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, once again reiterated that Pryor will not appeal his 5-game suspension.

One other note: In the video above, ESPN says the Bengals weren’t at the workout, but Adam Schefter, CBS, the NFL Network, and Fox says they were there. And Bengals beat reporter Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer doesn’t think the team is quite as interested as the above video report would suggest.

At Hempfield Area High School today, Terrelle Pryor is holding his Pro Day workout, where he will throw passes, run the 40-yard dash and perform agility drills.

The Plain Dealer reports that the Browns are interested enough to have someone make the short trip to Pittsburgh to take a look at Pryor. The Bengals are considering sending someone as well. However, neither team really appears to serious about pursuing Pryor in Monday’s 1pm supplemental draft.

Pryor has spent some time preparing for this workout by throwing to Chad Ochocinco and Antonio Brown.

Complicating matters for Pryor is the fact that his team of representatives has sent mixed signals as to whether he will appeal the 5-game suspension the NFL ruled he must serve once he enters the league. Agent Drew Rosenhaus said that Pryor would accept his punishment “voluntarily.” Then Friday morning, Pryor’s lawyer David Cornwell said it was likely they would ask the league to reconsider the suspension.

The Letter from the Law

Last month NCAA president Mark Emmert reportedly said that there was “a misperception in the media about the finality” of the Ohio State situation.

But if any “misperception” exists, it’s largely the NCAA’s doing. By refusing to disclose where they are in the process of closing their case against the Buckeyes, they have allowed a cloud of suspicion to surround the University.

Even today there were conflicting stories about whether OSU received a letter from the NCAA letting the Buckeyes know that their investigation of the football program continues.

ESPN’s Pat Forde said the enforcement staff informed Ohio State they were still at work. That report was almost immediately rebutted by reporters in Columbus, including the Dispatch’s Bill Rabinowitz.

But would “no letter” really translate to “no investigation?” Even that is unclear.

There are actually plenty of signs that the NCAA has not wrapped up their work.

Besides the comment made by Emmert, my co-worker at 97.1 The Fan, Scott Torgerson, was one of the first to report the NCAA has yet to speak to Dennis Talbott, a memorabilia dealer who has been linked to possible violations at OSU. Torgerson indicates that another memorabilia dealer may also be under the NCAA’s microscope.

Although the Bureau of Motor Vehicles investigated automobile sales to Ohio State athletes, their investigation was only able to show no laws were broken. It made no conclusions about possible NCAA rules violations.

And we saw how the NCAA dragged its feet in the case of USC, waiting to see if a lawsuit against Reggie Bush would bring to light any new accusations. Is it out of the realm of possibility that the NCAA is keeping an eye on the case of ESPN vs. Ohio State?

At the same time, unless the NCAA is pursuing a new, as of yet unreported lead, you could make an almost equally compelling argument that there might be very little more that the NCAA could hope to prove at this point.

Former Buckeye quarterback Terrelle Pryor is alleged to be the player most tangled up with Dennis Talbott. But the signal caller has moved on without any sign that he plans to speak to investigators. As of now, there’s no compelling reason for him to do so either.

Would the former friend of Pryor, the one who insisted ESPN darken his face and deepen his voice when he accused Pryor of taking money, be more forthcoming if the NCAA came knocking?

Although the BMV’s review was inconclusive, how likely is it that NCAA rules were broken if the dealership made money on every sale to OSU athletes where there didn’t happen to be extenuating circumstances?

And Ohio State responded to ESPN’s lawsuit with another document dump.

All this could be cleared up if the NCAA was more transparent. Their policy, however, is to not comment on when an investigation has reached its conclusion.

As a result, there’s a lot of smoke, and we know there’s a fire…because it’s Ohio State that’s getting burnt.

UPDATE: Ohio State concedes that President E. Gordon Gee received a letter from the NCAA on August 3rd, but according to a spokesman that letter, “Makes no reference to additional sanctions or a prolonged investigation.”

Caption Contest!

Associated Press photographer Brian Blanco was at a YMCA camp this week and managed to snap this image of former Buckeye Terrelle Pryor (at left) and former Auburn quarterback, now with the Panthers, Cam Newton (on the right).

Considering the exploits of these two signal callers–both on and off the field–it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with a good caption, right?

I’ll get us started:

“Fans in attendance said they regretted that the two quarterbacks hadn’t played together before, but unfortunately, no NCAA team had been able to work them in under their salary cap.”

Leave your suggestion in the comments section!