The Heart Is A Compass

To the people of Orlando,

The heart is a compass, and LOVE is its True North. Those who live by this truth will never be defeated, even in death.

Now there are survivors today to whom these warm words will bring cold comfort, so I say this, too: Our tears flow for you; our prayers go with you; and–most importantly–our resolve to stand strong against those who would do this evil has never been stronger.

Throughout time there have been those who thought there was power in destruction. They have been wrong. Despite them, life ENDURES.

ISIS will someday learn they simply cannot murder everyone who disagrees with them.

They will also discover that:

You may be born to love whom you love, but it is always a choice to hate.

That being the equal of a woman does not make you less of a man.

That science is not the enemy of faith, rather it’s the magnifying glass God gives us to examine the mysteries of the universe.

And the world is big enough to share with those who don’t share your worldview.

To the people of Orlando, God bless you.

Today you are hurting. Tomorrow you’ll be standing on the right side of history.


2 thoughts on “The Heart Is A Compass”

  1. I have written responses to your posts in the past and praised you for your wit and insight. The truth and emotion that this post possesses in so few words made me emotional. You have a gift. Please keep sharing it with us.

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