Beamer Might Think OSU Is The Best Team In the Country

“The last few years, we haven’t gotten as many wins as we wanted for our players, coaches, fans, students, the whole deal,” Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer said at ACC Media Days.

One of those wins, however, came at the expense of the 2014 Ohio State Buckeyes, and there is—as you probably know—a rematch coming up.

“I think it’s the most anticipated game ever to come to Lane Stadium,” said Beamer of the September 7th kickoff.

“How many times do you play the number one team in the country?” he said. “And I mean, by far, the number one team in the country. You know, I don’t know anyone would argue…who’s the best team in the country.”

Are the Hokies ready to face a team that Beamer referred to as the best team in the country three times in the span of 14.9 seconds?

“We’ve got some good players, and I’ve got a great coaching staff,” said Beamer. Plus, he believes the entire group is working hard. “You’ve got better summer workouts and preseason workouts and even spring practice because there is something big to look forward to. It’s the only game on that Monday night against the best team in the country.”

In addition, Virginia Tech has announced that classes will be canceled that day. Not only is it Labor Day with the Buckeyes coming to town, but school President Timothy Sands said there are “other as yet unannounced major events” that could “also add significantly to campus traffic loads.”

OSU will be looking for payback for their 35-21 loss at Ohio Stadium last year. The game will air on 97.1 The Fan.


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