Tyvis Powell: Worst Trash Talker Ever?

Recently, I read an article which had a headline proclaiming this tweet to be “Trash Talk.”

In case English is your third or fourth language, let me translate that for you: “We’re working really hard, so that we don’t lose to Virginia Tech again. Hope they’re also putting in the work, because we’re hoping for a good game September 15th. #ReadyToFindOutWhoWorkedHarder.”

But it did inspire this response from Virginia Tech’s Luther Maddy:

And thus the lamest of all Twitter controversies was born. In that spirit, let us examine other instances where Buckeye Tyvis Powell dove headfirst into trash talk!

Here he is trash talking grass. #MowedThatBaby

Here he is trash talking the 109,001st fan. #StandingRoomOnly

Is it just us, or is this a shot at a certain Christian rock band? #ThirdDay

And here is Tyvis taking unnecessary pot shots at Cardale Jones!

Umm…Actually, that last tweet may indeed constitute trash talk.

Still, we think Powell can up his trash-talking game. Maybe consult with Ohio State’s wide receivers’ coach, Tyvis?


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