What If?

Today we decided to extrapolate out the numbers of JT Barrett and Cardale Jones to see what stats they would have posted if they had started all 15 games.

It’s an interesting thought experiment, but admittedly, it probably tells you more about the games they did play in than what would have actually happened if they had been under center all year.

Without further adieu…

JT Barrett: 254/354 passing for 3,543 yards, 43 touchdowns and 13 picks
Cardale Jones: 230/375 passing for 3,710 yards, 25 touchdowns and 10 picks


  • Cardale’s 3,710 yards would set a new Ohio State record, breaking Joe Germaine’s mark by 380.
  • Cardale’s 230 completions would tie Germaine for the most in a season…but JT’s hypothetical 254 would pass them both.
  • Barrett’s 34 touchdowns was already good for the school’s single-season best, but if he had continued to play and registered 43, he would only be 14 shy of Bobby Hoying’s career record.

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