The Exceptionally Rare Healthy Columbus Blue Jacket

It only took a couple of games. David Clarkson succumbed to the curse almost immediately after being traded to Columbus; and now he’s out, most likely for the season, with a torn oblique.

Yes, that would be the same David Clarkson whom the CBJ obtained because Nathan Horton was hurt.

Injuries have so decimated the Blue Jackets this season that it seems a healthy CBJ skater is incredibly rare. Dare we say endangered?

For this reason, we actually contacted the Department of Fish and Wildlife, who gave us the following response:

The healthy Blue Jacket “cannot be listed under the Endangered Species Act because they do not qualify as a distinct species or subspecies.”

So there you have it.

No matter how many man-games the Jackets lose (currently 406…and counting), they cannot get federal protection from a Cal Clutterbuck hit or a Jordin Tootoo high stick.

The very nice folks at the Department of Fish and Wildlife did wish the Blue Jackets the best of luck. Heaven knows they need it.


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