Combine Starts Today

Today is day one of the NFL combine. The first group of players to arrive in Indianapolis includes former Buckeye tight end Jeff Heuerman as well as the other members of his position group, place kickers, special teamers and offensive lineman.

Eventually, there will be four Buckeyes sweating under the scouts’ microscope, and of these, one seems to stand out in the mind of NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock.

“Devin Smith…tracks the deep ball maybe better than anybody in this draft,” Mayock said. “A lot of guys can’t.”

Pointing out he also expects Smith to run a forty-yard dash in less than 4.35 seconds, Mayock added, “He’s got kind that of that center fielder skill to track the ball in the air, and that’s rare, and when you combine it with his speed, that’s a big weapon.”

Smith and the other wide receivers, quarterbacks and running backs report for orientation tomorrow.

The next day, it’s linebackers and defensive lineman checking in, and Mayock feels Michael Bennett should go somewhere in the second round and is one of eight defensive tackles he would consider a “high-level” player.

“I like Michael Bennett,” Mayock said. “He needs to be in a system where he plays 3 technique in a 4-3. I think his quickness and explosion is what sets him apart.”

The last group in Indianapolis is comprised of defensive backs, including one final Ohio State Buckeye.

“As far as Doran Grant,” said Mayock, “he’s kind of sneaky because his measurements, I don’t think are going to jump off the board, but he’s a really good football players, and from all I’ve heard, he’s a great kid and a hard work ethic kid. He’s the kind of guy I would bet on.”

Mayock projects Grant to go “in the middle rounds.”

The NFL Network’s coverage of the combine starts with the on-field workouts Friday, and, of course, we’ll be telling you how the Ohio State players are doing on 97.1 The Fan.

For what Mayock had to say about the Browns and the upcoming draft, listen below:


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