Sugar Bowl Media


The Ohio State offensive line coach discusses Cardale Jones, his history with Nick Saban, and OSU’s opening at the offensive coordinator’s position. Oh, and make sure to watch until the end to see Warinner wink. What do you think it means?


Ohio State’s co-defensive coordinator previews the Buckeyes upcoming game against Alabama.


The Buckeye quarterback talks about leading the team against Alabama.


In addition to talking about Alabama, Powell amusingly discusses what it’s like to be friends and teammates with Cardale Jones.


Ohio State wide receiver Devin Smith reflects on his time with the Buckeyes and talks about what it would mean to add a win over Alabama to the list of the team’s accomplishments.


The Ohio State defensive lineman shares his thoughts on making the playoffs and facing Alabama.


The Buckeye running back discusses his game and how it was impacted by a wrist injury, as well as previews their upcoming playoff matchup with Alabama.


The Buckeye linebacker takes umbrage with the fact that OSU is an underdog against Alabama and hates fielding questions about “SEC speed.”


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