I Don’t Buy It

Michigan coach Brady Hoke on Monday insisted that quarterback Shane Morris had an ankle injury. On Tuesday, he refused to say when he learned Morris had a concussion.

Now athletics director Dave Brandon, as you can see from the tweet above, is insisting Hoke found out about it Monday afternoon.

I don’t buy it, and here’s why:

1) Let’s say we accept the premise put forth in a statement by the Wolverines. Hoke didn’t see the play during which Morris was hit in the head as it happened Saturday. He didn’t even watch the replay as it aired on the video board. Are we also supposed to accept that he didn’t see the play during the course of reviewing game tape Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon? Oh, and he should have known to look for it. He was asked about it after the game.

2) Speaking of that same interview, Hoke can’t claim as his defense that once he did actually witness the play, he assumed trainers had cleared Morris. What he told reporters postgame proves otherwise. “I don’t know if he had a concussion or not, I don’t know that,” he said. So he didn’t know Saturday what medical treatment had taken place, and he was so incurious, once he saw the hit, he didn’t follow-up?

3) And do we believe that Hoke didn’t have any communication with trainers about the concussion before Sunday’s practice? He didn’t receive a written summary of the team’s injury situation from the medical staff? When he was told that Morris couldn’t practice, he may have assumed it was a result of the ankle injury, but he didn’t follow up by asking how long Morris would be out? That question surely would have elicited a response that would indicate a concussion, not the ankle was sidelining him.

4) Someone informed Hoke that the medical staff would be releasing a statement regarding Morris. (We know this because it was Hoke who informed the media a statement was forthcoming.) If Hoke thought there wasn’t a concussion, why did think the statement was necessary? Why didn’t he ask what would be in the statement?

5) Dave Brandon claims to have interviewed everyone involved in the Morris situation before releasing a statement Tuesday morning, but incredulously, that group did not include Hoke?

So, to me, this just doesn’t add up.


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