Pryor Regrets

Terrelle Pryor spoke to 710 ESPN Seattle today and was asked about the Ed O’Bannon ruling.

Although he made it clear that he didn’t know the details of the most recent legal decision, Pryor did say that he feels college football players could–and should–be better compensated for their commitment.

“When I was at Ohio State, all you would see if you were at the game, was a red sea; and you would see a lot of number 2’s,” he told Mike Salk and Brock Huard. “Now their argument would be that could be for Michael Jenkins [or whoever else] was number 2. It’s hard for me to believe that when people are screaming your name [as you’re] coming off the field. You’re meeting little kids. Was your kid that same size a couple years ago?”

Pryor added that he knows of players who went to school, were steered into easy courses, and didn’t end up with the education they needed, especially if injuries cut their playing career short.

And he also said that when he broke NCAA rules, it was to provide for his mother. “I’ll never regret that. The only thing I regret from that is hurting* fans, teammates and coaches.”

While he may not like the NCAA rules on amateurism, he does like playing for Seahawks coach Pete Carroll.

Eventually, though, he may want to head somewhere he can have a bigger role. “I will start in this league, and I will be a big-time player,” he promised. “Somebody who loves the game so much, and loves the quarterback position so much and respects it so much and watches so much film? I think you’re going to get your chance, and you’re going to have your time to succeed.”

If he does succeed, that will be something he has in common with his famous first cousin: Ken Griffey, Jr. Due to a rift in the family, he’s never met Griffey, but Pryor did say that growing up, he rooted for the Mariners as a result of Griffey playing there.

You can hear the entire interview here

*Although some transcriptions have Pryor saying he regretted hurting “certain fans,” he didn’t actually offer this qualifier. He stumbled when speaking, and thus said “hurtin” twice.


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