Could Troy Smith Lose Out To Tim Tebow Again?

The Montreal Alouttes of the Canadian Football League have apparently reached a crossroads with quarterback Troy Smith.

The signal caller turned 30 this past weekend and has shown signs of promise this season. However, there have also been games like the 41-5 loss to BC. In that contest, Smith only completed one first-half pass for positive yards. By the end, he was 5/17 throwing.

It was so rough, the Alouettes coach refused to name Smith his starter for Montreal’s next game, and who do the Alouettes hope will ride to their rescue?

Apparently, the GM checks in with Tim Tebow’s agent every now and then to gauge his interest.

“We would love to see him,” Jim Popp told the National Football Post. “If there was ever a time when (Tebow) wanted a great shot, now is the time.”

Montreal is the team that owns the CFL rights to Tebow. (NFP also notes they Michael Sam on their negotiation list.)

While it may seem unlikely that Tebow would accept the pay cut necessary for him to play the pivot in Montreal, it also seems like Smith could probably stand to even out his performances in order to reduce the allure of the former Florida QB.


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