LeBron James: Just Like You and Me?

It is the conundrum of our time: Americans don’t resent the successful, but we are dismayed by what it seems to take to get ahead.

And as the gap between the haves and have-nots grows larger and larger, we become increasingly aware of what separates the two.

Too often it seems like what it takes to advance is a head start in life, a natural gift of some sort, or a skewed set of priorities: You know, money means a whole lot more, relationships and ethics a whole lot less to “those people.”

Nowhere is this more true than in a town like Cleveland, where the economic difficulties and efforts at a comeback have been well documented.

I think this is one reason the LeBron James story resonates so much.

Here is, not just a successful man, but the most prolific basketball player of our time, and home means as much to him as it does to “us.”

He seems genuinely grateful to those who helped him get where he is. He seems to sense a responsibility to give back.

It’s ironic really. He’s a 6’8″, 250 pound freak of an athlete, and we see more of ourselves in him than in a lot of the other powerful people in America today.


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