Scarlet Ann Gray Would Approve

The Buckeye football team’s quarterback is popular. How popular? He may be responsible for 396 little Braxtons across the state.

You see, from around the date of Urban Meyer’s hiring (November 2011), to about the time that signal caller Braxton Miller and his teammates were wrapping up a 24-game win streak (December 2013), there were 579 babies named Braxton born in Ohio.

Compare that to the similar 2-year time period prior to that, when there were only 183 babies born with that name.

Coach Meyer shares his name with a pope, so it’s difficult to tell whether the 5 baby Urbans born after he joined the Buckeyes are devout Catholics or devoted fans of the Scarlet and Gray.

However, there is little doubt regarding the rooting interest of the eight baby Tressels born since 2008.

All stats courtesy of the of the Office of Vital Statistics at the Ohio Department of Health.

*In case you’re curious, there has yet to be a baby Urban born in 2014, but we’re not 9 months out from the Michigan game quite yet.


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