Mark Letestu On The Offseason

Columbus Blue Jackets forward Mark Letestu met with fans at the team’s “Front Street Friday” event, and then talked to us about the offseason, life in Columbus and the Stanley Cup.


  • 0:07-How his offseason has been, and on Columbus: “It’s never been a bad decision to stay here.”
  • 0:31-Predicting the outcome of the Stanley Cup Final, and admitting he has a team he hopes wins
  • 1:00-Regarding the number of players who have stuck around the city for workouts
  • 1:23-They’ve started skating again, and how that’s going
  • 1:57-What we can expect from the CBJ next year
  • 2:40-Whether he thinks RJ Umberger will be back next year
  • 3:19-How much he’s noticed a buzz surrounding this team
  • 4:03-Talks about the Metro teams (Washington/Pittsburgh) that receieved
  • 4:39-Admits the team will miss Dan Hinote, and discusses one possible replacement for the assistant
  • 5:45-On the fact that he was wearing
  • 6:01-Why is he pulling for the Kings
  • 6:50-His theory on the reason Marian Gaborik has flourished in LA, but didn’t in Columbus
  • 7:46-What he’s doing instead of watching the Stanley Cup Final
  • 8:40-Says it’s really nice to catch up on family time
  • 9:29-Explaining how cool it is for him to be a part of events like “Front Street Fridays”

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