Some Interesting Thoughts By George

Eddie George is a renaissance man. He’s famous for what he did on the football field, of course, but he is so much more than a former football player.

That much is clear from a Q&A that Smashing Interviews Magazine did with the Buckeye.

George touched on issues ranging from his efforts to be a good father, his intention to star in another theater production this upcoming winter, and whether he’ll be doing a new Fox college football show this fall.

Especially interesting are his thoughts on athletes using racial epithets and on Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel.

George told author Melissa Parker, “I think there should be punishments for athletes that step across the line in terms of racial slurs.” However, he made sure to say those athletes should not lose their jobs and need a chance to “exorcise their demons.”

Even further, he suggests that the Washington Redskins should consider a makeover. “I think if a group feels like they have been degraded by that name, it should be changed.”

On the subject of Manziel, George said the quarterback is fantastic, “a showman on the football field and rightfully so.”

At the same time, George feels Manziel needs to tone down that showmanship off the field, at least until he’s earned the trust of his teammates.

“It just tells me that there is are some signs there that it’s more about the celebrity than being about the quarterback, the craftsmanship and the winning,” he said.

To read more of George’s comments, including his pick to win the Big Ten this year, click here.


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