Ohio Comes to Columbus

When the Ohio Bobcats caravan stopped in Columbus, coaches Frank Solich and Saul Phillips were kind enough to stop by our studios. Here’s what they had to say…

  • We start our discussion with Frank Solich by learning a bit about what we can expect from the Bobcats next year.
  • 1:15-Whether Derrius Vick has locked up the starting quarterback’s job
  • 2:42-Playfully addressing how Solich lost the recruiting battle for quarterback Joe Burrow, who committed to Ohio State, even though his dad is on Solich’s staff
  • 3:38-On the Power Five Conferences and their desire for autonomy
  • 4:28-Would he (please) schedule a game against Michigan since they call Ohio State “Ohio?”
  • 5:15-Regarding his success getting players drafted…the numbers are pretty impressive
  • 6:48-How does he successfully recruit young players, when he himself is admittedly unfamiliar with their pop culture references?
  • BOOM! Phillips brings the energy right off the jump as he rhapsodizes about how awesome it is to live in Athens
  • 0:57-Phillips compares his recruiting style to that of Solich
  • 1:55-How difficult was it to leave North Dakota State?
  • 2:58-A question about how often Phillips has “Googled” himself leads to a giggle fit, but wait until you hear what Phillips learned by doing so
  • 3:47-On how emotional he is as a coach, ie. will he celebrate winning the jump ball?
  • 4:37-How does he deal with officials? Plus, the one time he really, really earned his technical.
  • 5:45-What he learned from Bo Ryan and Tim Miles
  • 7:03-Phillips has two instructional videos for sale…isn’t he worried an opposing coach might buy one?
  • 7:59-Why he ended up on Saturday Night Live. Yes, Saturday Night Live.

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