Major Concern?

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has an excellent article today on the issue of “clustering.”

Clustering is the bunching up of student-athletes in certain majors to help them deal with time constrictions (ie. taking classes that don’t interfere with practices and games), or to keep them academically eligible by steering them toward the easiest coursework possible.

It’s a significant issue when it comes to the debate on whether athletes should be treated more like students or as employees. After all, if the same educational opportunities are not available to them, how can they be considered a member of the student body?

So here we take a look at the Ohio State football roster.

We are not including players who are undecided. And just to be thorough, we start by counting the number of players in the current lineup* in each major, then we take into account the total if you include the members of the 2014 team. That will be the number in parentheses.

Accounting and Finance: 1
Accounting: 0 (1)

Computer and Information Science: 0 (1)
Psychology: 0 (1)
Chemistry: 0 (1)

Aeronautical Engineering: 1
Finance: 1
Agricultural Systems Management: 1
Zoology: 1
History: 1
Political Science: 0 (2)
Pre-Engineering: 1
Operational Management: 1
Pre-Health: 1
Sports Industry: 1 (2)
Exercise Science: 1 (2)
Marketing: 1 (2)
Business Marketing: 1
Biology: 2
Biology/Pre-Med: 1
Sociology: 2 (4)
Criminology: 2 (5)
Pre-Business: 3
African-American and African Studies: 1 (4)
Economics: 4 (5)
Consumer and Family Financial Services: 6 (10)
Communications: 6 (9)

*As reflected by the roster currently posted on the OSU website.

If you’re interested in seeing who specifically is in each major, check out our spreadsheet here.

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