Refusing To Go Quietly

If you didn’t know the context, you might think this is the Blue Jackets crowd saluting the team after a win. What’s remarkable, though, is this is how the fans embraced the club after their season-ending 4-3 loss to the Penguins.

Blue Jackets forward Mark Letestu responded to the chant in this way:

“I mean, the support is always great. I think that’s something that’s been questioned here at times since I’ve been here. You can’t question it anymore. That’s one thing, through the leads [the Penguins] had, they never went away. They’re there behind us. You appreciate every dollar spent and every voice heard out there. It means a lot to this team, and it doesn’t go unheard on these ears. We love these people, and we love playing for them. I think that’s what you saw in the third period. That was for the fans. That was for the guys in the room. That’s about being a Blue Jacket and not going away silently.”


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