Now Is The Time To Join The Battle

For the past couple seasons, the Blue Jackets marketing slogan has been “Join The Battle.” Well, members of the CBJ know that now is the perfect time to “recruit” by capturing the attention of the casual sports fan.

And today’s bandwagon jumpers are tomorrow’s diehards.


One thought on “Now Is The Time To Join The Battle”

  1. Now, more than ever, it’s so important to gain the casual fan. This is a sport there most diehards seem to write the casual fan. With the CBJ in the Eastern Conference now, we are likely to see much more opposing fans in the Nat. I know people that were all on at the beginning and have just been burned too many times and how do you reach those that shelled out thousands upon thousands for the first 10 years only to be thanked by a quick first round exit again the wings? It will remain a tough sell now until people see more progress. If the Pens series comes back to Columbus with the series knotted at 1 or the jackets up 2-0 it will be electric in the Nat.

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