The Senator for President?

When Dr. Luis M. Proenza announced that he was stepping down at Akron’s president this June, Jim Tressel, who was working as the university’s vice president of strategic engagement, picked up some new duties and the additional title of executive vice president.

That was one of several signs that he would likely be considered a candidate to take over for Proenza. (Another, slightly less subtle sign? Before the search for a replacement even started, the chairman of the Board of Trustees said of Tressel, “He’s probably going to be a candidate.”)

Akron is still accepting applications for the president’s job there, reports the Beacon Journal. They have yet to start to interviews.

Meanwhile, another vacancy has opened up, and at Youngstown State to boot. That’s where Tressel is remembered fondly for going 135-57-2 as a football coach and also serving as athletics director, despite NCAA violations that occurred during his tenure.

The school is looking to replace Randy Dunn, who left for Southern Illinois after just seven months on the job; and they’re getting a heavy push from local politicians and businessmen, who want Tressel to take over.

“After we announce the actual process, if Jim Tressel is interested, he should apply for it like anybody else,” Youngstown State Board of Trustees Chair Dr. Sudershan Garg told WFMJ. “Because we want to treat everybody very fairly.”


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