Press Pause on the Video Controversy

For the record, I think Michigan’s John Beilein is one of the classier guys, not only in college basketball, but in all of college athletics.

He’s involved in charity work. Once, when he was coaching at West Virginia, he took the public address microphone at halftime to very politely ask the student section to stop referring to an opponent by an obscenity.

And if how he’s handled the Austin Hatch situation doesn’t make you, if not root for the guy, at least concede he’s one of the really good ones out there, you’re hardened past human feeling.

I mean, for heaven’s sake! Beilein cuts his own grass…with a push mower!

But he’s wrong on the issue of the pregame video Ohio State played before their game against the Wolverines Tuesday.

“There’s a lot of great things in this rivalry, I don’t think that’s one of them,” Beilein said on his radio show. “We’re not going to do that a long as I’m here.”

However, Michigan has stoked the rivalry in his time in Ann Arbor. He’s referred to Ohio State as “Ohio.” (Much to the consternation of Bobcats fans, by the way.)

And maybe he’s forgotten because this happened clear back in 2013, but there’s this pregame video that comes courtesy of Michigan assistant Bacari Alexander.

Of Beilein’s sense of honor, there can be no doubt. His sense of humor? Well, it’s Pure Michigan.


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