A Piece of Home

A writer from The Hamilton Spectator interviewed Blue Jackets forward Nathan Horton earlier this week, and it was shared by the Brampton Guardian today.

It covers little new ground. Horton talked about how much he wanted to play for the CBJ. (“They were the first team that called, and I didn’t look at any other offers.”) He discussed the fact that the Jackets are still growing as an organization. (“We’ve got a young team, and we’re going to be a good team for a long time.”) And he promised not to change his playing style in the wake of a couple concussions and major shoulder surgery this past offseason. (“I’m not expected to be the tough guy, but I’m going to work hard and continue to play my game.”)

What is news is that Horton has an entire busload of fans from his native Ontario coming to see him tomorrow when the Blue Jackets play Buffalo.

And when an entire busload of fans makes a nearly seven-hour trip to see one man? You know you’ve signed a pretty impressive athlete.


2 thoughts on “A Piece of Home”

  1. I was impressed when I saw yesterday that they have 8 game winning streak. I admit that I’m used on some teams but I am really suprised with CBJ. Then I watched review of their last game on gamecenter. I was suprised with powerplay cam that is behind a goal and tracks action in one shot. I like that alot. Is there any other teams that practice that kind of camera?

  2. I remember, when I saw that, thinking that was a wonderful camera angle. I don’t know how many other teams use it, but we agree 1,000% that it was a nice addition to the broadcast. Thanks for reading!

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