CNN Studies the Studies Of College Athletes

CNN did an in-depth piece on the differences in academic aptitude between students and student-athletes.

There were three current Big Ten programs included in their study.

Michigan failed to get their data in before CNN published the story, but added they would respond to CNN’s Freedom of Information Act request around January 8. CNN promised to pass along the information once they received it, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, from 2007-2012, only 2 Wisconsin football players posted an ACT score that was indicative of below a college-level of literacy. In fact, the average football player had an ACT score of 23. That may have been lower than that of the average student in Madison (26-30), but it was also one of the smaller gaps that CNN uncovered.

Finally, Ohio State did not make ACT scores available. Instead they provided CNN with results of something called the Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT).

It is a test that a spokesman said the school has started to administer to incoming football players, and 93 test results were included in the documentation the school made available. According to CNN, “several of the scores were in the elementary range for reading skills,” which the spokesman explained was possible because they test even the players they are aware have learning disabilities.


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