Doubting Thomas

When I was in high school, the cool thing to do would be to say something you didn’t really mean, and then shout, “NOT!”

Good times.

Anyway, a Twitter account that appears to be that of Ohio State receiver Mike Thomas recently included several tweets with some rather strong opinions on the quality of the Buckeye receiving corp.

Our friends at Eleven Warriors shared them here…and that’s the only place you’ll see several of those tweets, because a number of them have been deleted.

However, that’s not the only change to have affected that particular Twitter account. Note the subtle difference between what you would have seen on Saturday:

Just the FactsAnd what you see if you went to the same page today:

Just the Facts, NOTWhat does this mean? Is this not actually Mike Thomas’s account, but rather a parody? Is it Thomas’s parody of a parody account? (That would be brilliant.) Right now it’s impossible to tell.

What we do know? We know that it’s good to expect big things of your position group. It’s commendable to have high standards.

However, unless you gave 100 percent every single minute of every day, you can’t call out others for not doing their part. Which means, regardless of what field you’re in (or on), none of us should probably be judging our teammates too harshly anytime in the near future.


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