What The Buckeyes Are Most Proud Of

This year’s Buckeye football team has undoubtedly accomplished a lot: A program-best 23-game win streak, the team’s first ever trip to the Big Ten title game, a school-record for points and touchdowns…

But what do OSU players think is their most notable accomplishment? You might be surprised.

Devin Smith:

It’s how close we got. You know, we’re as close as [we’ve] ever been since I got here. It’s not just D-line with D-line; it’s D-line with receivers, or D-line with the corners. Everybody is real close, and I think that is the reason we’re winning ballgames.

Carlos Hyde:

I think the most special thing is how we play together. You know, it’s not just one person or anything like that. We’re all together. It’s really like a brotherhood here, and it shows. That’s how we play, and even if the offense is doing bad, or the defense is doing bad, we’re never down on defense, or the defense down on us. We stick together, and we know we’re going to come out with a win.

Ryan Shazier:

To be honest, I feel like the most special thing right now is to go 23-0, to get this victory, because it was on senior day, a really important day to a lot of guys; and we’ve just been through so much together. Everybody on this team, all these guys were here when we went 6-7, then last year undefeated, and this year, we’re having a great year right now. We’re just getting a lot closer week in and week out. It’s just tremendous for all of us to set a record like this. Nobody else has been able to do this. 

Andrew Norwell:

Top of the list, it’s just our team. We care a lot about each other. We’re like a family right now, we’re so close. You know, we go out there and play our best. We don’t want the guy next to us, we don’t want to let him down over some bad play. We play for each other, and that’s what’s so great about this team.

Michael Bennett:

I think being able to stay focused through all the wins in two seasons. The coaching staff and the guys have done a great job just staying focused and staying together.


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