Coach’s Show Summary-Indiana

A reminder that next week, coach Urban Meyer will be joining 97.1 The Fan on FRIDAY to preview The Game. Of course, of more immediate concern for Ohio State is their upcoming game against Indiana. That was the focus of Meyer’s most recent appearance on the airwaves, and here are the highlights…

  • “Our job is to win games, graduate players and make sure we’re developing people; and I think we’re doing a really good job with that. It’s not to cover a certain spread. So we enjoyed our week this week, and got to get better.”
  • “Josh [Perry] has been practicing all week. Curtis Grant, lateral movement is a little bit of an issue, had a high ankle sprain. Tough guy, that we need to get him back…[Joey Bosa] looks good. He had just a sore neck, and he’s practiced. Yesterday was full speed.”
  • “We don’t really believe in redshirting, but there’s a bunch of guys who didn’t play because they weren’t quite good enough. The good thing is a lot of those guys are getting better and better, so we might even have to play one or two of those young guys at this point, because the injury issue is real.”
  • On whether he might give Kenny Guiton an honorary start on Senior Day: “You know, I think our job is to go win this game and do the best we can to go win it, and I’m not saying Kenny can’t do that. We’ll do what’s right by team and Kenny.”
  • Regarding Bradley Roby: “He’s all set to graduate in the spring. We’re going to push that really hard. He’s a pro, the way he handled his business, made a decision to come back for his teammates, had some ups and downs beginning of the year; but he’s a wonderful kid. I love Roby. I want another Roby, but he’s got a chance to go make a living playing professional football…He’s been great, and we’re certainly going to recognize him at Senior Day.”
  • “I mean, I understand because there are incredible fans out there that need to know the inside of Buckeye football, but for every second I’m sitting here talking about this, Warren Ball–I go back to this every time–I mean, we have to teach him how to tackle. He’s never tackled, and he’s running down on kickoffs. So for our team to worry about anything else other than their job description, and for me to worry about anything else other than my job description, is kind of nonsense…I wish I could take our players, take them away every Monday, load them up in buses, go on a desert island and just work their tails off. ‘Come on. Let’s go play.’ And then you guys can have your little press conference January 7th, or whenever it is, and talk about the season. Think they’ll let me do that?”
  • On Carlos Hyde: “He’s continuing to play well. The chemistry between the O-line and the tailback here is one of the unique things I’ve gotten to witness in my coaching career, and it’s really fun to watch those guys play together.”
  • “Jeff [Heuerman] has really done a great job for us. He’s one of our best players. He’s a leader…There’s a chance you’ll see both tight ends play a little bit more this week, too.”
  • Scouting Indiana: “They’re second in the Big Ten conference in scoring and total offense…Other than two or three teams, they’ve scored 40-plus points, including our rivals, and they moved the ball very well against Michigan State. I think scored 28 points, so this is an issue. Very good schematically. They’re very fast, run a lot of plays, so it’s something we’ve worked hard on…Defense? They’re struggling. They’re not a big blitz team. Very sound. You can tell they’ve lost a couple players from last year, but they’re certainly capable.”
  • Key for the Buckeye defense against the Hoosiers: “They get the ball out quick, so it’s hard to get pressure on them. We have to fill the rush lanes, so the quarterback can’t scramble, and at times drop eight into coverage and seven into coverage.”
  • Really respects Indiana coach Kevin Wilson: “Creative guy. Good guy. I can’t say I know him that well, but I’ve competed against him several times. When I was at Bowling Green, we played Northwestern. When I was at Florida, we played Oklahoma. But he’s one of those guys [who’s] known throughout the country, and he’s doing the same thing here at Indiana that he’s done at those other places.”

Want more Meyer? You can listen to his entire hour-long discussion with Paul Keels and Jim Lachey with the podcast posted here.


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