Coach’s Show Summary-Illinois

Urban Meyer was back for another power hour of football talk. Here’s what he had to say in advance of Saturday’s game at Illinois:

  • “We worked them pretty good [during the bye week]. They did have the weekend off, but I liked the demeanor and the way they approached practice this week.”
  • “We’re a little bit thin. The good thing is that most of our starters [are healthy], but they’re playing too much football right now. Especially areas like the defensive line and linebacker. You should have a little bit of a rotation where guys can get in there, and we really don’t have any. And also the depth on special teams. I mean, I am penciling guys right now, walk-ons who haven’t played a down for Ohio State football are going to make the trip to Illinois.”
  • “We’re really playing with 45 players because a lot of these young players didn’t play this year, which…we should have, if we could have developed them a little bit quicker. but we’re just really down on numbers that only show up on depth and kicking right now.”
  • “We have nine or ten season-ending injuries. Two of them, I believe, were starters. Jordan Hall is not season-ending yet, but he’s really not playing, and then Christian Bryant. You had Tommy Schutt out for a long time, Braxton Miller out for several games; but where you’re hurt is Jamie Wood, Adam Griffin, Devan Bogard, and a slew of others.”
  • And adding to the depth issues, the latest on defensive lineman, Michael Hill: “He’s going to have shoulder surgery [Friday]…He’s our tenth or eleventh guy. No question, he would have played for us this year and given us depth up front, but his future is bright. We’re going to redshirt him and he’ll have four years left.”
  • “That’s one of those questions that seems to surface a lot: ‘How much, what percentage of the offense is in?’ And it’s all in. I mean, last year we were restricted because of knowledge, because of execution at certain positions. But now it’s a matter of fitting the scheme to the personnel, so there are a lot of plays that we don’t run that maybe doesn’t match exactly who we are; [but] it’s not like we’re saving anything.”
  • On the offensive line: “That’s going to be a painful day when those four starters walk out, because they’re not only just really good players. They’re exactly who we are. They’re who we want to be. The history of Ohio State football is made for those [guys]. I mean, they’re Buckeyes.”
  • He was disappointed in Evan Spencer’s comments this week: “First of all, he’s not going to wipe the floor with anybody. You know, I got news. I love Evan Spencer. He ain’t that good. I’ll tell him if he is.”
  • On Nathan Scheelhaase: “The quarterback has been there for 20 or 30 years it seems like. I got to meet him at the Big Ten media days. Really, really quality guy. Like his look. He’s a competitor. You know how you look in players’ eyes? And I’ve just got a lot of respect for him.”
  • Scouts Illinois: “They’re going to throw it, and that’s something that’s been an issue for us in the past. I’m hoping that we continue all this hard work we’ve put into pass defense, that once a weakness, now is becoming somewhat of a strength, and it all starts with pass rush.”
  • “It’s going to be a 50-plus degree day in Champaign, Illinois in November, so go get ’em, Buckeyes. Go get those tickets. No, it’s great. Are you kidding me? I’ve asked Vrabel and Fickell and guys who have been around for a while, and they said [the fans] always travel well to Purdue and Illinois…There’s so many alums in the Chicago area and so, this is a personal invite to come on down. Let’s go. We need you all.”

You can tune in and hear Meyer’s show next Thursday, or catch the podcast here. A programming note: The week of the Michigan game, Meyer will be on the air Friday, November 29th.


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