Coach’s Show Summary-Purdue

Urban Meyer was battling a bout of the cold, so he was only on for about 30 minutes this week, but with Meyer, that’s still plenty of time to pack in a lot of highlights. So here’s what he had to say on his Coach’s Show…

  • “We had to see it. We’re not very good on pass defense. Statistics tell often the story, and it tells the story of where we’re at right now. We have to get better. When you say pass defense, there’s a lot of pieces to that puzzle, and it starts with pass rush.”
  • “Braxton is officially a quarterback now at Ohio State. He wasn’t last year. He was a guy who stood behind center and did some really amazing things, but he was a great athlete. Now he happens to be a quarterback who is a very, very good athlete.”
  • “I’m a big CJ Barnett fan. Ever since our staff has been here, he’s been all in. He’s that kind of person. He’s an extremely high character guy that leads our team, and on top of that, now he’s playing at a very high level…He’s playing like an All-Big Ten safety.”
  • “One of my favorite guys is Marcus Hall. He was a 330 pound, because we’re in mixed company here I can’t really use the language that really described him. Now he’s a 305 pound, 308 pound grown man that handles his business, is great to be around, is a great leader, has an incredible sense of humor. I can’t get enough of Marcus Hall just because of what he’s become for our team.”
  • On using Dontre Wilson more and more: “That’s going to happen. We’ve asked him to improve his blocking. He has. We’ve asked him to do other things that receivers and running backs do. And ultimately he will be a hybrid. I mean, we’re going to use him. We’re teaching him some inside runs right now. So if you have the flexibility of him running out of the backfield, receiver, horizontal runs and now vertical runs? You’re talking about very few guys in the country can do that.”
  • “Purdue on defense, I think they found out who they are…They switched from a 4-3 to a 3-4 midseason, which is very rare. They switched from a team that was kind of a very vanilla, sound defense, to a blitz over 60-70 percent of the time. So that’s unusual…I think they made a nice decision, because this is a pain in the butt to try to block all these blitzes.”
  • “There’s too much on the line right now, and I’d be devastated if we don’t come out and play one of our better games.”

Meyer joins us every Thursday at noon, and you can always check out the podcast of the most recent program here.


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