Withstanding The Invasion

To give you an idea of the atmosphere at Friday’s game between the Blue Jackets and Maple Leafs, here’s a snippet of Canada’s national anthem and Columbus forward Nick Foligno’s postgame reaction. As you’ll discover, the Toronto fans who were among the 13,930 in announced attendance were quite loud.

Fortunately, when it came to the game itself, it was the CBJ making all the noise, with a 5-2 win. It was their third straight overall victory.


One thought on “Withstanding The Invasion”

  1. Im not surprised. We started slow, and I do think even when the CBJ are perennial contenders, those first few weeks of the season while OSU football is going, it will be a challenge to fill the stadium with Columbus fans. I think this season will be more common to see a larger percentage of visiting fans because we’ll be playing teams we havent played as often and that will attract fans to say “hey we havent seen a game in columbus yet, lets go there”. Especially with tickets in Philly, Pittsburgh, and Toronto at a premium, a trip to columbus, tickets, dinner, and even a couple hours at the casino will seem easily affordable.

    Plus I think there are some real positives to this, especially if we continue to play well. These fans will come in, see what a great building and town we have, and then when we kick the crap (excuse my language) out of their team, they’ll have a better appreciation for our club as well, which can only help our reputation as a whole.

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