Coach’s Show Summary-Penn State

Urban Meyer once again spent an hour with 97.1 The Fan to take you inside Buckeye football. These are the highlights of what he said ahead of the Penn State game:

  • “We’re an offensive line-driven team right now.”
  • “When you put together a coaching staff, in order, the strength coach is first. That’s the first guy you’ve got to go hire. And then, because I’m an offensive coach, your defensive coordinator, and then the line coach. It’s right in that order. All due respect to the coordinators on offense and all that. You need a line coach that’s your guy, and we have a very good one in coach Warinner.”
  • On his defense’s performance against Iowa: “I felt like we should have adjusted and made some quicker decisions; but, boy, that second half they played much better.”
  • “Inexperienced corners have a tendency to play soft. I’m not saying scared, but soft, because they want to keep the ball in front of them. And we’ve had the conversation about bringing more pressure, because a quarterback sits back there all day and has time to throw, that’s not good. But when you do bring pressure, now you’re in isolated coverages, and so I think we’re a little lacking in some confidence with some players right now. Confidence comes with experience, and experience doing it the right way.”
  • “We’re real thin right now at corner.”
  • “Momentum is so valuable, especially when you’re dealing with 18, 19, 20 and 21 year olds, and so [Penn State is] riding high right now. They had a 4-overtime win against a rival, in a great atmosphere. There’s a lot of energy, a lot of juice right now. They’re healthy. People act surprised when Penn State is doing well, and I don’t want to devalue everything that’s happened to them with the adversity…but I’m not surprised. Penn State is a heck of a place. They have a very good coach. They’ve got very good, very good players all over the field. So I’m not surprised at all. I mean this is going to be…toe-to-toe. This is going to be a tough game.”
  • “Well, the best d-lineman are the disruptors. They’re the ones that come off blocks and make plays. [Penn State’s DaQuan Jones] is the guy, he twists out of double teams. Very rarely do you see him single blocked. He’s so great with his hands and hand positioning. He jerks guys off of him. And he’s big. He’s a real big guy.”
  • “We need [Bradley Roby] to play his best game this year.”
  • “I’m going to scream at an official, and he’s going to reach into that pocket and say, ‘You know what, coach? You’re right. You screamed at me a lot, and I’m going to take the penalty away?’ So you’re just teaching your players to act like an idiot.”
  • “It’s a great chemistry on our staff. Like it should be at Ohio State. There’s no agendas. I’m always watching for that. We’ll probably lose one or two in the next couple years to be head coaches.”
  • “We don’t count scrambles, because that’s part of football, but the called quarterback runs? Last year I’d say it was near twenty [a game]. This year it’s probably five, maybe three. And that’s because there’s another horse back there that’s a really good player, and Dontre, and we have other personnel.”

Although we did not have a caller end his question to Meyer with, “Love you, brother,” we did have someone say, “Thanks for taking my call, baby.” Plus, we had a caller, who compared having Meyer as a coach to a date with a “hot, sexy blonde.” You can hear that; plus, you might be interested in what the OSU head man had to say. It’s all here in the podcast.


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