Coach’s Show Summary-Iowa

Urban Meyer provided a heavy duty, industrial strength scouting report on the Iowa Hawkeyes with this week’s Coach’s Show. Here are the highlights of the program:

  • On his team getting healthy again: “Well, Tommy Schutt is the big name coming back…He was counted on to be kind of a part-time starter for us and certainly have that rotation going. So he’s back. Jordan Hall is really close. We’re going to play him a little bit Saturday.”
  • Working with Braxton Miller to cut down on fumbles: “The good thing is he’s a smart player. Yeah, he was loose with the ball last week. He’s been much better this week.”
  • “Iowa is one of the top defenses in America. They have a system that they’ve had for many, many years. They’ve got very good players. Defensive line is the strength of their outfit. They’re the only school in the country [that hasn’t] allowed a rushing touchdown. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of that going into the seventh or eighth week of the season. Very, very good defense…On offense, they run the ball. They have a very good running back. Their offensive line is their strength, and so it’s kind of a shorten the game type approach. However, I think we’re pretty good against the run. We actually met today, and I think they’re going to come in and try to throw the ball. We’ve had some issues in pass defense. They’re going to try to maybe isolate some guys, and we have to have an answer for it.”
  • “[Iowa has] an excellent coach. It’s his personality all over the program. It’s very a tough, very consistent in everything that they do. We’ve got to take our tough pills, and go play a big time game in a great atmosphere.”
  • On Iowa’s Jake Rudock: “Any quarterback, as we see all year, that’s as athletic, and  get down in the red zone and they run him, that’s very hard to defend. So we’re also working that as well. And we have a lot of respect for him, not only as a passer, but a guy who can put the ball down and run it.”
  • More on Iowa: “They recruit very well. They develop players, probably about as good as anybody in the country, and they teach that player how to play the scheme. So the only unique thing about them is that they don’t don’t much other than a base defense, but they’re very, very good at the base defense.”
  • “We don’t do quite as much of that [changing out of an offensive play] as we have in the past, because nowadays–and this is great conversation–when you see a certain defense, and you change the play, they change the defense. It’s called check-check. And that started, the first time I was exposed to that was in 2008.”
  • On Curtis Grant returning from his father’s funeral: “He’s back full speed, and we’re all with him like a family should be.”
  • On Ryan Shazier: “If you cut him open, he has a heart the size of a truck.”

We also got another “Love you, brother” from the callers this week. You can hear that, as well as the rest of the show, with 97.1 The Fan’s podcast. Of course, Coach Meyer is on the air live each Thursday at noon.


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