Braxton Wants to Get Back to Being Braxton

This is Braxton Miller meeting with the media to preview the Iowa game. Among the highlights of his talk with reporters:

  • Said Iowa is probably the best defense they’ve played so far.
  • When asked about his knee, said it’s still a little achy and sometimes prevents him from cutting the way he used to cut.
  • Told reporters he wasn’t fully himself against Northwestern, both because of his knee, and because he was playing on wet grass.
  • Admitted that he wasn’t holding the ball tight enough, which led to fumbles. One thing coaches have been doing to correct this is having him hold the ball close whenever the team is doing their stretches.
  • Discussed the fact that he hopes to see the offense get back to what they were in the spring. That’s when he feels he was hitting receivers on the run.
  • Admitted to wondering what it would be like to play a team like Alabama. Concluded, “It would be a good game. It would be a good matchup.”

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