Nothing Personal

Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz has enough buddies, so–by his own admission–he isn’t looking to add any of his fellow Big Ten coaches to the list.

“I have friends in my personal life,” he said. “We don’t have a dog. Might consider that.”

Kirk FerentzAnd it’s natural that he wouldn’t be overly friendly with Ohio State’s Urban Meyer. The only time they met before, Meyer’s Florida Gators topped the Hawkeyes 31-24 in the 2006 Outback Bowl. Now that Meyer heads up the Ohio State Buckeyes, that brings up even more bad memories for Ferentz.

When asked today about his team’s last trip to Columbus in 2009, Ferentz simply responded, “It was disappointing,” before he was eventually prodded for more from a reporter on the Big Ten teleconference.

“Both teams competed at a high level,” he conceded of the loss that cost his squad a spot in the Rose Bowl.

Ferentz, of course, isn’t the only coach who doesn’t care how many colleagues he exchanges Christmas cards with. Meyer has a similar approach.

That’s why Ferentz was asked today if Meyer is “healthy” for the Big Ten. His answer was interesting.

“It’s complex. This is before my time. I imagine the guy that coached there in the ’70s, ’60s probably ruffled feathers, too. I was across the field as an assistant coach. I guess I wasn’t. I was gone. It was Earle Bruce. They’ve had good coaches there. Jim Tressel is the last guy to win a national championship from our conference. He did a great job there. Now they’ve got another extremely successful coach. Jim Tressel was extremely successful at Youngstown. Now they’ve got a coach who’s also been extremely successful. It’s hard to think real quick off the top of my head of coaches that haven’t done well at Ohio State. It’s a place where traditionally they’ve had a lot of success. They’ve represented the conference really well through the years.”

Ferentz would also go on to describe his relationship with Meyer as cordial and respectful. Still, he probably isn’t shedding any tears that after this Saturday, the next scheduled game between these teams isn’t until 2017.


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