Coach’s Show Summary-First Bye Week

It’s the first bye week of the season, but Coach Urban Meyer still joined 97.1 The Fan to keep you in the loop when it comes to what’s going on with the Ohio State Buckeyes.

  • “The bye week comes at a great time. The loss of Christian Bryant, I know I’ve got to move on, we’ve all got to move on…but that was a tough one. So we just need to find that leadership on the defense, especially on the back end. We made a commitment to stop the run. We have stopped the run. We’re playing excellent rush defense. As a result, we’re a little soft in the back end, and that’s something we’re trying to correct this bye week.”
  • On whether Christian Bryant could possibly return this year: “I haven’t even asked…It was a successful surgery, very painful, but he’s doing fine.”
  • “My challenge to Coach Coombs and the corners, I think fundamentally we can get better; and we can be a little tighter in all of our coverage, not just man, but zone.”
  • On Tommy Schutt potentially returning from injury: “Yeah, he practiced just individual today. He’ll get a little bit more then next week. They’re going to push him through, and so we’re hoping to get 15-20 plays [out of him versus Iowa], which is significant for a down defensive lineman.”
  • “He’s a starter. Joey Bosa is THE starter right now. He’s a starting defensive lineman as a true freshman at Ohio State, which is quite a mouthful.”
  • “This next group we play we feel is the best defensive front we’ve faced, and one of the best in the conference in Iowa, so it will be a big challenge.”
  • On Braxton Miller’s game against Northwestern: “He made a couple bad reads. He played okay. I wasn’t that disappointed.”
  • On Jordan Hall’s status: “We had a good day with him yesterday. He has a knee issue that we’re working through…We’re hoping to get him back soon…It’s a joint issue that they’re still diagnosing.”
  • “Our offensive line is the best conditioned line in America. I’m convinced of that. And so we need to make sure they stay in good shape [during the bye week]. But we also want them off their feet and hydrated, and we’re going to do a weigh-in on Monday morning. They better be right on the dot, or we’ve got a little problem with you.”
  • On the Ohio State’s punt coverage: “We’re going to work our freaking tails off. That has to continue…I would love to see our punt team break a record with only two return yards for the whole year. You know, that’s our job.”
  • On the team’s current self-scouting efforts: “We take offensively formation by formation, what’s our run-pass ratio? Where’s our hit chart? Where’s the ball? Because certain teams defend us certain ways, and it’s a chance for us to break tendencies in the following week after the bye week.”
  • On now being a good time to focus on recruiting: “Well, it’s momentum. It’s kind of the flavor of the month. Right now Ohio State’s been on prime time two weeks in a row. There’s a little bit of swagger about Ohio State now.”
  • “There’s no question what it is [that makes Ohio football special]. A guy in the 1960s started something around here: Woody Hayes. His style of football, his toughness, his detail, his coaching technique, the way he went about his business, that’s still alive to this day.”
  • “It’s unique. Name another school that has offices for their former head coaches? And coach Tressel is always welcome back here. And I spoke to him this summer, and he’ll always be welcome.”

The Coach’s Show airs every Thursday at noon this football season on 97.1 The Fan. You can listen live, or can hear a replay with the show’s podcast.


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