Not Exactly Fired Up For the Olympics

The Olympic torch is a symbol of peaceful competition, sportsmanship, athletic excellence…and keeps going out in Russia.

The Washington Post reports that the torch was first extinguished as it was approaching the Kremlin.

Swimming champion Shavarsh Karapetyan, who once saved 20 people from a trolleybus that had fallen into a reservoir, could not save the flame from the somewhat rainy conditions. A rescue eventually came in the form of a security officer with a lighter.

Then across the river from the Kremlin, the torch went out again. This was followed by Russians posting amateur video and cracking their equivalent of Enron jokes.

And now the torch is heading to Siberia, which sounds like it should go really well.

All that being said, it’s not like this is unprecedented. They carry spare torches for this exact reason. Plus, for as much as you might want to mock the Russians, at least they didn’t take the darn thing white-water rafting.


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