Coach’s Show Summary-Northwestern

A little late due to the Presidents Cup and Blue Jackets Opener, but here are the highlights of Urban Meyer’s Coach’s Show on 97.1 The Fan, in which he previewed today’s game against Northwestern…

  • “Todd McShay, I’ve known a long time, actually showed me some film from last year then two years ago, compared to now, and if [Braxton Miller is] not the most improved quarterback in America [in terms of fundamentals], he’s close; and Todd thinks he is.”
  • On Ohio State’s punting: “We have not seen the full Cameron Johnston yet. He’s got a live leg…Our team has really embraced him.”
  • “I overdramatize things sometimes, but I know football.”
  • On running back Carlos Hyde: “This will be a big challenge this week. We’re going to ride that horse a little bit more this week.”
  • On Ohio State’s success in the red zone: “I’ve got to give credit to Tom Herman. His philosophy down there is that you go at the speed of sound, and it’s been very effective. Once we get in there our red zone offense is jet, and go fast, and go fast. We’ve got a back back in Carlos Hyde. We’ve got big offensive linemen. We’ve run that sprint out pass. We can do some other things down there. His hand print is all over our red zone offense.”
  • On Christian Bryant: “He’s still captain. That’s not going to change. Our players love him. Our coaches love him. We need him. I need him personally…He’s an energy giver.”
  • Scouting Northwestern: “They’re a top-15 football team. They can play with any conference in America. You saw that last year when they beat an SEC team, beat them soundly, in the bowl game.”
  • On the Northwestern defense: “You’ll get your yards, but you won’t get a lot of points.”
  • “How did we give up 200 yards to one receiver [Wisconsin’s Jared Abbrederis]? We probably left a guy on the island too long.”
  • “[Jim] Tressel, remember he won a lot of…kind of ridiculous how many games he won, so just everybody remember that. Probably one of the greatest decades in college football history…Tressel football was outstanding. I studied Tressel football, and a great, great football coach who won a lot of football games, and did it the right way.”
  • On why Jordan Hall didn’t play more against Wisconsin: “I hindsight a little bit, and say could have got–what is he number 2 now?–number 2 in the game a little bit; but in that kind of game, we felt like it was going to be a bruising, tough, break tackle type game, and our best one to do that is Carlos Hyde.”

Coach Meyer joins The Fan every Thursday at noon on. The show is also podcasted here.


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