Coach’s Show Summary-Wisconsin

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer once again spent an hour talking to Paul Keels and Jim Lachey about his team’s upcoming game. Here’s what the Buckeye head man had to say about Wisconsin…

  • “This will be a completely different challenge, certainly for our defense…I think it’s the Barry Alvarez playbook, they handed to him and said, ‘Hey, get really good at this.’ And, once again, it’s not just scheme. That’s devaluing players and personnel. It’s very, very good personnel; well coached personnel. But the scheme is very hard to defend.”
  • “Adolphus [Washington] should be ready to go. He’s had a good week of practice. This kind of game will be new to him, but he’s built for it. He’s got the mentality for it, and he’s going to have to play very well.”
  • “Braxton’s ready. We’re going to start Braxton if he has a good day of practice today. He had an excellent day yesterday. He’s running around, moving. I’m counting on him being close to 100 percent, if not 100 percent.”
  • On Tommy Schutt: “He’s coming along. We’re actually going to bring him to the hotel, to get him back acclimated, watching film again, and get going. So we’re thinking post bye-week he might be ready to go.”
  • On Wisconsin’s knack for breaking the big play: “That’s our biggest concern. As long as we can contain and keep things in front of you. The one good offense we felt we faced this year was Cal, and we gave up a couple hits. So we can’t give up the hits. We’ve got to tackle and get them on the ground, and contain it.”
  • “Defensively, they’re much different than they were a year ago…This year is more of a 3-4. They play a lot of man coverage on the wideouts.”
  • On Badgers linebacker Chris Borland: “Just disappointed he’s not here. He’s a Buckeye. He’s an Ohio guy. He’s a guy from Dayton, Ohio. Everything I read about him, what kind of person he is, and then he’s one of the best players in the Big Ten conference. We have a lot of respect for him.”
  • “This will be out of control. This will absolutely out of control…I understand there’s going to be pom-poms, and scarlet, and nighttime as the sun goes down in Columbus, Ohio. It’s going to be a great night. We’ve just got to play well.”
  • “Recruiting is the name of the game, and there will be a bunch here.”
  • “I hope someone, and maybe I’ll do it, will someday write a book about the intangible qualities of a football player…Imagine a young athlete, imagine this, getting to read this story about Kenny Guiton…Now look at him. It’s because, you cut him open, he’s an incredible human being. I just love his leadership, his passion for life, his passion for football, and his love for Ohio State and his teammates.”
  • “Carlos Hyde is on punt block, and I’m going to start him on kickoff this week as well.”
  • “Ohio State should be Lineman U. You know, you think of all the great players, the great coaches who have coached that position, and it’s a culture here. What drives that culture is the leadership. So it goes leadership drives the culture, drives the behavior, and the leadership from Coach Warinner and the seniors and the guys is what drives that culture right now.”
  • “I think Brad Roby has probably had his best week of practice. I mean his focus? He’s on.”
  • “Well, this has turned into a rivalry. It’s not THE rivalry, but it’s turned into a very significant game.”

The Coach’s Show airs weekly on 97.1 The Fan. The fun starts Thursdays at noon.


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