A B1G Tune-up?

As a rule, I don’t bang on football teams for their schedule.

(Their scheduling philosophy is another matter. Should a school year in and year out punch down when it comes their opponents, there is an issue. If they never, ever travel, there is an issue. If they should devour one year of cupcakes, on the other hand? Well, predicting the future ten years out is not as easy as it sounds.)

In other words, this post isn’t meant to disparage the Buckeye schedule makers.

However, there is a legitimate question to ask: Will Ohio State’s non-conference slate adequately prepare them for Big Ten play?

Consider the numbers…

  • Buffalo 1-2 // 970 yards total offense // 1,681 yards total defense
  • San Diego State 0-2 // 720 yards total offense // 978 yards total defense
  • California 1-2 // 1,668 yards total offense // 1,669 yards total defense
  • Florida A&M* 1-2 // 685 yards total offense // 964 yards total defense

That makes OSU’s opponents a combined 3-8. They average a combined 367.55 yards total offense per game (which would rank them 86th in that category), and they are giving up an average of 481.09 yards a game (which would put them 112th in total defense).

Certainly, the Buckeyes have something to do with those numbers, but–even so–this has to be a bit of a concern.

It explains why Christian Bryant told reporters this week that he’d like to play a top ten opponent.

“I’d like to showcase our talent. I would like to play bigger games, but I mean, it’s really out of our control,” he said. “We still just have to go out there and face whatever team is put in front of us.”

*FCS team


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