Coach’s Show Summary-Florida A&M

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer is getting his Buckeyes ready for their final game of the non-conference schedule. Here’s what he said about that on his weekly call-in show on 97.1 The Fan:

  • On Braxton Miller’s sprained MCL: “He’s moving much better. He conditioned pretty hard after practice…And so we’re going to keep working until the foot hits the ball and then make a decision on game day.”
  • “It was painfully obvious a year ago that we didn’t have the big hit potential. It just didn’t happen, and now you have Philly Brown has the potential. Devin Smith obviously did it. Jordan Hall has done it. And now you’ve got Dontre Wilson and there’s this young guy named Ezekiel Elliot, and there are other guys in our program now that we feel much more comfortable with getting in space.”
  • On offensive lineman Taylor Decker: “We’re going to chat today. He needs to go every day. He’s played much better. In his first game he was very average, got a little better his second game, and played his best game as a Buckeye last week. So I’m real pleased with his performance, but he’s still a young player, and he’s got to show up every day and get better.”
  • “Adolphus [Washington] won’t be ready this week, but we’ll get him back next week, and that gives us one more big man in the rotation.”
  • On his young players: “They are fine. They’re good kids, and we recruit guys to play as freshman..The intent was to have them [all] out there, but they’re not. So that means they have to improve a lot quicker and get going. They’re all good kids; they’re all doing fine in school; they all come from great people. So we just all need to accelerate the ‘get them on the field faster.’ That’s up to them. That’s up to them and their position coach to make it happen.”
  • “Florida A&M is a team…that is a very athletic team. A team that has a quarterback that was an all-conference player a year ago, two very fast wide receivers, and we need to keep the ball in front of us. On defense, they’re very similar to San Diego State. They run out of a 3-4 and blitz every down. When I say every down, like I want to say it’s 95 percent of the time.”
  • On the scene at Cal, where about 50 percent of the fans were Ohio State supporters: “We don’t travel well. We travel the best.”
  • On the competition at running back: “It’s going to be week-to-week, game-to-game, actually quarter-to-quarter on who plays, how they’re playing, who’s the hot hand. You have to do things right on the field, off the field…And we have good guys, and I like our running back coach, who’s a very nice gentleman, Stan Drayton.”
  • “Right now our scout team people and our scout team performance is as good as any place I’ve ever been.”
  • On Drew Basil: “He’s a man’s man…We don’t like to kick field goals, and I tell him that. We get paid to score touchdowns around here, not kick field goals. He understands that.”

Urban Meyer’s Coach’s Show hits the air every Thursday at noon on 97.1 The Fan.


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