Coach’s Show Summary-San Diego State

Urban Meyer reviewed the win against Buffalo and looked ahead to San Diego State on his latest Coach’s Show. Here are the top quotes from this week’s program:

  • On beating the Bulls: “It was great to get a win out of the way. We only have eleven more shots, so I felt like we wasted a few opportunties. You know some players making, a lot of players making their first start, or their first time seeing significant action. We came out of the chute really fast. The worst part of the whole day was putting our defense in bad position a couple times, and that’s not who we are.”
  • “Bosa was probably the best of all the freshman, and Dontre Wilson. Those are the two guys. They kind of just went. They performed.”
  • “[Buffalo] had a great player. I believe his last name was Mack. Some scouts were in the other day and said he was a top ten pick potentially in the National Football League…He worked us over a little bit.”
  • On Jordan Hall: “His game was not really shocking to me, because he practices so hard. He’s our best practice player on offense.”
  • “The two-point play? That’s always going to be there now. We kind of stole that from Oregon when I watched them do the Fiesta Bowl. I think it’s always good to make a defense work on things like that, but have in your pocket as well.”
  • “We do need to do a better job of moving Philly. Philly’s earned that right, and he’s had another great week of practice, so we have to move him around and make sure he’s point of attack.”
  • “We’d like to have more sacks. There is a risk/reward involved when you pressure guys, especially when you have your two best corners not there, or two corners that are first-time players. So I would anticipate that we would get a little more pressure this week.”
  • “Shazier is still not quite the way he was near the end of last year. He’s getting better, though.”
  • “Do I worry about it? Yeah. Your best players are on the sideline and cramping up, and so we’ve really addressed it this week…These next 48 hours are critical in what they do to make sure they’re ready to go for the game.”
  • “I love Florida. The AD, Jeremy [Foley], and I talk almost once a week still.”
  • After confirming that Marcus Baugh is back from suspension: “Marcus is not ready to play yet. He’s doing well in school. He’s a nice kid. He’s just got a ways to go.”
  • On San Diego State: “Very good team, a team comparable to a Big Ten team, maybe more speed at certain positions…They have what I consider one of the tailbacks in America.”
  • On how much Braxton Miller worked from within the pocket against Buffalo: “We did it on purpose, I wanted to see him operate as a quarterback. Last year we relied on him really too much in the run game. As the season progresses we’ll give him more and more. They’ll be a couple this week…We did kind of force that this week.”
  • “I vote in the Coaches Poll, and I kept us at number two.”
  • On the need to be patient when it comes to a player’s development: “Joey Galloway did not play until his third year.”

The Coach’s Show airs every Thursday at noon on 97.1 The Fan.


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