Sign Of The Times

Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller signed autographs for fans after his team beat Buffalo 40-20, all while a member of OSU compliance walked alongside him and distributed this handout…

(Click images to enlarge.)

On the back is advice on how to keep in good standing with the NCAA, and on the front is a photo of Miller poised to throw a pass. Also on the front?

DisclaimerThis may seem to be a reaction to this summer’s news involving Johnny Manziel and the controversy over whether he was paid to sign autographs, especially since he was eventually suspended for half a game (against Rice) for failing to prevent his autograph from being sold. However, OSU says they did the exact same thing last year.


3 thoughts on “Sign Of The Times”

  1. When I bought my ticket for the Gator Bowl, Jan 1 2012, I received an email from the compliance office telling me all the rules I had to follow. What I realized from the rule is that if a friend of mine has a son on the team, and I go to the game and set up a tailgate lunch, and invite my friend over and give him a hot dog, I’ve just violated the NCAA rules and the son could be suspended, etc. The rules are ridiculous. But you’re right, the compliance office has been notifying people for quite some time what the rules are.

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