Sullinger on Provost, the Pros, and Promoting His Dad’s Book

While promoting the online education program of Provost Academy, former Buckeye Jared Sullinger took some time to address the education he’s getting as a player who is still fairly new to the NBA. His back has healed up “100 percent,” so he’ll be starting his second season this October.

Sullinger looks forward to being an underdog next season, loves the idea of playing for coach Brad Stevens (even if he concedes some people wonder how he can take a man who looks that young seriously), and he praises Rajon Rondo as a man who protects his teammates.

Meanwhile, some of Sullinger’s former teammates continue toiling away in Columbus, and Jared feels really good about them. After predicting a Buckeye national championship on 97.1 The Fan, he explained why it is he thinks so highly of their chances.

Sully“The way LaQuinton Ross has been playing, we have another special scorer,” Sullinger says. “Our recruits coming in, Marc Loving? He’s another special one. And then AC [Aaron Craft] comes back better than ever. Lenzelle Smith comes back better than ever. Amir Williams has another year under his belt, playing a lot.”Winning With Purpose

Sullinger admits he still has to work to do as he seeks his college degree. Those NBA games keep getting in the way of his quizzes. However, he’s taking some online courses.

Besides earning a degree, Sullinger is also looking forward to the release of his father’s book, although he laughingly suggests he doesn’t have to read it, because he has already lived it.

Satch has written Winning With Purpose, which should come out next month.

“It’s awesome. My Dad, he values a lot,” Sullinger says. “Make sure you get [the book]. It’s all those ‘Satchisms’ he gives us. It’s all in one book, and it starts from the beginning, until the end, you’re going to love it.”


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