O, What a Look

When Riddell came to Ohio State for an equipment safety presentation, they brought with them a helmet that caught the eye of many Buckeye fans.

What was it about the head gear that was worthy of such notice? A “Block O” face mask.

???????????????????????????????It was still unclear whether this helmet was actually something OSU players could wear on game day, though. After all, the NFL recently banned the use of non-standard, customized face masks.

And even though the NCAA rule book only mandates that the face mask be made of an unbreakable material that won’t chip and has rounded edges, it also stipulates the rules committee reserves the right to intervene if they feel they need to.

So we went straight to the source.

A Riddell spokesperson told us this particular face mask is merely a prototype. However, Erin Griffin added, “A very similar design has been approved for use.”

Meanwhile, Ohio State spokesperson, Jerry Emig, says the way he understands it, “Players choose the styles they like and that are appropriate for their position.”

Does that mean the Buckeyes will be wearing a new fashion statement when they face Buffalo in ten days? Replies Emig, “We may have to wait until game day to find out.”


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