Who Would You Award a Buckeye Leaf?

Michigan is experiencing a real changing of the guard after this season…and I’m not talking the team’s offensive line.

Equipment manager Jon Falk is going to be retiring after 40 years of work for the Wolverines. He’s so revered Tom Brady released a statement about Falk’s upcoming departure.

After 34 years with the program, the highly regarded Bruce Madej will also be hanging it up. He’s served as the sports information director and an associate athletics director.

Finally, play-by-play radio man Frank Beckmann has announced this season will be his last. He’s been calling games since 1981.

With more than combined century of quality work done on behalf of the school, these men are tightly woven into the Michigan identity.

So here’s the question, Ohio State fans: Who at OSU–who is not a coach or athlete–do you most associate with the Buckeyes? Leave your answer in the comments section.


3 thoughts on “Who Would You Award a Buckeye Leaf?”

  1. Although he was an athlete, I think Jim Lachey has made a bigger mark in the broadcast booth. My first thought was Paul Keels but Jack Park is definitely in the argument. I’m sure there are others that the guys who are on the inside could add who would be more deserving.

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