Buckeye Media Day Recap

In this video, Urban Meyer describes what he sees as the “essence of the season.”

Other Media Day notes…

  • Urban Meyer said that defensive back Najee Murray is currently suspended because of a “training camp issue.”
  • Meyer believes they were only running a fraction of the offense he’d like to run last year, because of the lack of an H-back. He feels this year will be different because Jordan Hall is healthy. As for Dontre Wilson? Meyer says at this point, he’s not sure he possesses the skill-set to be an H-back.
  • OSU defensive lineman Donovan Munger has been given the go-ahead by the NCAA clearinghouse, but has a health issue and is not expected to play this fall.
  • Taylor Decker has solidified himself as the Buckeyes starting right tackle, according to Meyer.
  • Stan Drayton said if Ohio State had a game today, Jordan Hall would be their starting tailback.
  • Mike Vrabel admitted the defensive staff took some time to learn what was expected of them last year. This year, “Now I know to cut loose, and we can do whatever we want as far as motivating our players, and getting them going, and making sure our guys are ready to play the game.”
  • Tom Herman says Braxton Miller took a public speaking course last year, partly to improve his confidence and partly because Miller eventually wants to be a sports broadcaster.
  • OSU’s signal callers do occasionally practice with a camera on their helmet to give coaches a “quarterback’s-eye view” of the action. Herman isn’t sure how useful that video has been.
  • Herman actually had a lot of interesting things to say. I’d highly recommend giving his interview a listen.
  • Jordan Hall spent the first couple practices this season working with the receivers, and the past couple days working mostly with the running backs. “I never know. I just want to play.”
  • Almost all of OSU’s players were available to the media today. The exceptions were Bradley Roby and Carlos Hyde.

2 thoughts on “Buckeye Media Day Recap”

  1. Link goes to wrong page. 🙂 Thanks for all you do!
    “Herman actually had a lot of interesting things to say. I’d highly recommend giving his interview a listen.”

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