Time For A New Age?

The lawyer who argued that Maurice Clarett should be allowed into the NFL in 2004 despite the league’s age limit wants another crack at it.

Speaking to Time Magazine, attorney Alan Milstein says if it hadn’t been the Second Circuit Court of Appeals that decided the case, he might have gotten a different ruling, a ruling–interestingly enough–written by now Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Milstein may be confident, but the article contains more reasons to believe the rule will stand, than reasons to think it will be overturned.

First, even if Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel loses his eligibility, legal proceedings for him would probably take him right up to the 2014 draft, which he is already allowed to enter by rule. Secondly, Milstein blames his loss partly on the political influence of the NFL, and that hasn’t exactly waned.

(Thirdly, Milstein seems to bizarrely compare the age limit to a weight limit, implying younger players should be allowed in, because Doug Flutie-sized players are not kept from playing.)

Will the NFL eventually be forced to change? To read more, click here.


3 thoughts on “Time For A New Age?”

  1. The point about Flute was that it was absurd to argue Clarett was no physically mature enough to play in the NFL when he was so much bigger and stronger than Flute. Thus, the rule was not there to “protect” him as the NFL argued.
    Alan Milstein

    1. Thanks for weighing in, Alan! I get your point, and you make it well. However, while I would agree that Clarett was bigger and stronger, I would argue there is more that goes into physical maturity than that. I will also concede with high schools using ever more sophisticated training methods, this is becoming less and less of an issue. Thanks, again!

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